Podcast on New Algebra I Curriculum in NYC

Talk Out of School podcast

Yesterday, I spoke on the Talk Out of Schools radio show on WBAI (99.5 FM) about the NYC Public Schools mandate that all Algebra I classes next year must use the Illustrative Math curriculum.

Although NYC Public Schools claims that the new curriculum will not take away teacher autonomy, school officials have sent a different message when talking to teachers and administrators. Administrators have repeatedly been told that teachers are expected to follow the Illustrative Math curriculum with fidelity (meaning exactly as they are written, with no deviations). NYC teachers piloting the curriculum this year have been criticized for not following Illustrative Math lessons exactly. The only schools that have been exempted from the curriculum are specialized high schools.

Here is a link to the podcast: https://talk-out-of-school.simplecast.com/episodes/nyc-new-math-curriculum-the-common-core-standards .

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